Friday, September 15, 2006

The Game Jumps Ras Kass King Of The West!!!

Ras speaks on Game:

"Let's clear this up. Game did not kick my ass. He tried to jump me with his homeboys and didn't do much. I still got my watch, my chain, my earrings," Ras told SOHH. "When we jump niggas, we take everything...cause that's embarrassing.You're embarrassing niggas. So you know, Game tried and really didn't do that well."

Upon being asked if his "King Of The West" song caused the altercation, Ras answered, "he's a faggot. He don't exist. He's a fucking stripper." The Cali lyricist also claims that Chuck Taylor was 30 deep against Ra and one of his comrades.

"How tall is the Game, maybe 6 feet? I'm 5'7." Box me out, ni***. You should have knocked me out for dolo, but 30 against two ain't tough, ni***," Ra taunted. "I'm not a fake ass blood. I'm not a reinvented-ass rapper. I'm a ni*** that went to prison and still wear sweaters, did two years and act like it's nothing. He can't out rap me, but I told him two years ago out of prison. You better catch me when you deep and I'm not if you got a problem with me. So he took my advice and I'm not mad at him."

"They did not bust a bottle in my face. They hit me with the bottle and I have a lump. That ain't tough. Tough niggas knock niggas out," Ras continued. "If Game is tough, tell him he can catch me any day and box me out. Tell The Game, and we not gon do no rapping about it. Aside form that, he just started some shit. This is not the end of it."

The Game did not return calls seeking comments.
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Everything was kosher last night inside "Element" a Los Angeles based
night club which hosted a star studded party for Ed Hardy clothes
designer Tracy Mills the younger brother of Chris Mills the N.B.A.
vet. Everyone was in attendance from Lil' Jon, Too $hort & also The
WestCoast Don "The Game". Also in attendance Paris & Nikki Hilton,
Dave Navarro and a host of N.B.A. stars such as Kobe Bryant, Baron
Davis,Tracy Murray & Chris Mills. The cristal bottles were flying
and there were so many beautiful women in the club I couldn't even
focus on theD.J. spinning all the latest hits. The party on went
till about 2am when the lights came on and all of a sudden the
people in the club shifted as an angry Game parted the crowd
like the red sea headed straight toward what had looked like
veteran Cali rapper Ras Kass. I know some people are asking,
who the f..@% is Rass Kass? Well if you didn't know you will
after this story. The Game approached Rass Kass and a few words
were exchanged in what seemed like a friendly conversation and
2 seconds later Game punches the rapper smack in the face
knocking him flat on the ground. The Club security and people
standing by dragged Rass Kass out the back door as Game and
his entourage exited the club quietly as nothing ever
took place.

Rumors speculated the fight stimulated from a diss song
released by Rass Kass last year where the rapper took
shots a The Game calling him a stripper and a fake gangsta
amongst other things. The rapper also taunted Game by
suggesting he would have sex with his kids mother and
even went as low to mention The Game's 3yr old son named
Harlem in the diss track. Although those are
just rumors, it seemed like enough to send the Compton Bred
multi-platinum rapper on a rampage in the club last

The Game's new album "The Doctor's Advocate is set to hit stores
November which is too far away to call this a publicity stunt and
fellow rapper Rass Kass was dragged away before any questions could be
asked about the drama. Let's just hope everyone got home safe & sound
last night.

Monday, May 29, 2006


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Thursday, May 25, 2006

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